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Warhammer - It's a Pleasure to Serve

Artist: devilhs
Parody: warhammer

29 pages
54 561
доп поле скриншотов
Comments (5)
  1. Bobsterlobster
    Bobsterlobster 6 February 2019 10:08 Reply
    Top kek And pepe kek genuinely made my day
  2. Lord Nazreen
    Lord Nazreen 6 February 2019 10:35 Reply
    Soon I will destroy the green skin and claim this sector with my War machine Freebalde they will suffer smiling_imp 
  3. Some Heretic
    Some Heretic 8 February 2019 08:32 Reply
    Praise the Corpse God
  4. Magos Dominus Reditus
    Magos Dominus Reditus 1 April 2019 14:09 Reply

    As the Priest says. Humans are bound to their week flesh and bones. We bow to the holiness of the machine, we reproduce through metal, for the machine is immortal
  5. Tod Graymoon
    Tod Graymoon 15 July 2019 08:16 Reply
    please sequel.